What’s Your Deal, Hakim Bellamy?

April 29, 2014By Peri

Hakim’s performances and presence have been a phenomenon in Albuquerque and beyond, propelled by his wide-ranging talents in music, acting, and more.

What’s Your Deal, Hurdle?

April 21, 2014By Peri

“Just as Faye was about to get the party started and plunge a dagger into my bare chest, I said ‘I have a better idea. Let’s start a band.'”

What’s Your Deal, AJ Woods?

April 9, 2014By Peri

AJ plays folk rock songs that are somehow both timeless and evocative of an earlier time; I’m not sure how he accomplishes that.

What’s Your Deal, James Judd?

April 4, 2014By Peri

James Judd is a monologist (a fancy word for “storyteller”) who lives in Manhattan. Years ago he and I shared an office at a legal publisher in Berkeley.