Taking the Lead: Giovanna Rossi, Founder of Family Friendly New Mexico

December 9, 2019By Peri

‘Tis the season…of badass women stealing the show in the House impeachment hearings. 😉 In this episode, I invite leadership coach, founder of Family Friendly New Mexico, and Producer/Host of The Well Woman Show Giovanna Rossi to talk about how women in leadership can maximize their effectiveness while staying physically and mentally well. With the … Read More

Thanks for the Vertigo, 2018

December 31, 2018By Peri

To me, the new year feels like a precipice moment that’s both exhilarating and a bit nauseating, as I continue to digest the hugeness of recent political developments and the dizzying, mind-bending unknown of what is yet to come.

Getting Knocked in the Head

April 18, 2013By Peri

Life has been hitting me on the head a bit harder lately, and I’m figuring out how to deal with it, emotionally, professionally and creatively.

The Lowdown on Business Legal Structures

January 11, 2013By Peri

When you’re making money — even just scraps — from your creative work not as an employee of some other company, guess what: You’re running a business.

Tonight on Self-Employed Happy Hour…

October 3, 2012By Peri

I’m very excited that the owners of one of my very favorite Albuquerque shops, The Octopus and the Fox, Jessi MB Campbell and Belita Orner, will be my guests on Self-Employed Happy Hour tonight!

How to shift gears

May 7, 2012By Peri

The freedom of self-employment is great, but it comes with the need to make smart decisions about how to use your time.