Getting Knocked in the Head

April 18, 2013By Peri

Life has been hitting me on the head a bit harder lately, and I’m figuring out how to deal with it, emotionally, professionally and creatively.

Talking politics and talking dirty

June 7, 2012By Peri

Yes, this is a business blog, but it’s also my business blog. Which means that besides the business info I’ll share here, you may expect some of the following.

Not blogging today

April 26, 2012By Peri

But I worry that if I start taking a day off here and there it’ll be a slippery slope to blog stagnation.

Getting my blogging toes wet

April 17, 2012By Peri

Based on my extremely limited experience, here’s a summary of the thoughts and ideas on blogging I shared with my friend yesterday.