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Three $30 Thursday sessions


Three $50 Friday sessions


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Hi there, I'm Peri. 🙂

Besides writing books on businesses and nonprofits, I work with clients to help make plans and move them forward. I’m experienced in helping individuals, businesses and nonprofits in a wide range of fields.

I offer Quick Coaching sessions to support self-employed folx with bite-sized servings of business advice, no strings attached. $30 Thursdays are 30-minute sessions; $50 Fridays get you 50 minutes. 

  • Get an objective opinion from an experienced advisor
  • Discuss your ideas or challenges and get honest feedback
  • Meet by phone, Zoom or Google Hangout
  • Flexible online scheduling

Sessions focus on your priorities — and if you’re not sure what those are, I’ll help you figure them out. From systematizing to hiring help to untangling bookkeeping, I can help pinpoint the highest value tasks and outline plans to get them done.

Let me help you achieve peak efficiency and hit the ground running in 2021!

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The road to self-employed success is never neat, linear or predictable.

As your business coach I can help you build confidence, flexibility and savvy in how you handle whatever is thrown at you.

I’ll help you:

  • Understand your business model on a deep level, so you can refine it and flow with changing conditions
  • Recognize your highest-value activities and tasks, and develop systems for them
  • Hire and manage with confidence, and build value in your operation
Peri Pakroo, photo by Lori Patton O'Hara - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach

I help self-employed people and entrepreneurs at every level in a wide variety of industries to focus their efforts, get organized and succeed in reaching their goals.

  • Artists, craftspeople and musicians
  • Consultants and freelancers
  • Nonprofit founders and leaders
  • Small and medium business owners of all stripes

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Peri! If you have questions concerning your business (big or small) or maybe just need a little objective perspective on your work, HIRE PERI.”

Nancy Zastudil
Curator & Arts Consultant, The Necessarian


“Peri does a lot of things well, but I especially think she balances a clarity and toughness with a deep understanding of how humans work best (and recognizes how best to leverage individuality). Also, she’s just really cool!”

Cristina Rogers
Program Director, La Esquinita


“Peri offered two or three solutions for managing our band within 30 minutes of our first meeting. We were able to implement her ideas immediately and streamline our processes (including booking, scheduling and even bookkeeping). Peri sees the big picture and small details in one fell swoop, tells it like it is without condescension, and demystifies the business side of being creative so we have more energy and time to make music!”

Teresa Esguerra
Drummer & Touring Musician


“One of the rarest gifts when it comes to providing value to founders and business owners is to break down the mechanics behind business models, finance & accounting, promotion, intellectual property etc. and few do it as well as Peri. I always walk away knowing more and being able to take more action than I did before, whether it’s a talk, workshop, training, consulting, or coaching.”

Joe Cardillo
Co-Founder, Coffee + Creatives

Three $30 Thursday sessions


Three $50 Friday sessions


< No Systems     |     Optimal Systems >

I’ve always had a thing for breaking down processes — and I love nothing more than helping people turn a vision into reality.

I really enjoy helping untangle the following types of tasks/issues commonly faced by entrepreneurs and self-employed folks:

  • Developing a business plan and ongoing planning habits
  • Understanding which legal structure to use (such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation)
  • Tackling bureaucratic start-up hurdles
  • Marketing and promoting your business on a budget
  • Developing the online side of your business
  • Implementing systems to grow your business
  • Using simple and effective technology to manage money, projects and time
  • Growing your business with contractors or employees

Problem-solving. No judgments.
I help you do you.

My business coaching services can help you:

  • Clarify your goals, identify stumbling blocks — both internal and external — and figure out how best to get from A to B
  • Develop systems to help streamline businesses of all sizes
  • Fine-tune your planning process and help you find your own unique workflow
  • Transition into self-employment — whether it’s planned in advance or a sudden necessity — in line with your values and vision
  • Use simple organizational methods and tools to manage your self-employment more effectively and profitably

Three $30 Thursday sessions


Three $50 Friday sessions



I'm not just an entrepreneurship nerd.

I believe deeply in the importance of honoring the personal side of how you pursue self-employment.

I can help you work on issues that commonly plague independent workers (myself included), like isolation, doubt, fear and anxiety.

I’m not a mental health professional (though I can refer you), but I am very aware of how these human experiences play a big part in our decision-making and achievement. I can help you pinpoint areas that might be holding you back.


Hiring a coach is more than just getting advice; it's an investment in your plans and goals.

Hope to work with you!

Three $30 Thursday sessions


Three $50 Friday sessions


Limited-time offer. Book now before it's gone!