Formulario de un Plan Estrategico - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach

Formulario de un Plan Estratégico de Bricolage

PDF, 20 pages
  • Completely en español
  • Clarify your mission, objectives and goals
  • Outline activities, including planned budgets
  • Maintain organizational momentum
  • An easy-to-follow approach that results in a plan you can use

This Spanish-language version of my DIY Strategic Plan Kit aims to help Spanish-speaking community organizers and nonprofit managers boost their efficiency and develop solid strategic plans.

This kit offers an easy-to-follow approach to strategic planning that will yield a basic plan that clarifies your mission, specifies your goals and objectives, and outlines your activities, including planned budgets. If you’ve been stuck on how to kick-start your planning process, this is the kit you need!

Special thanks to Mattias Jorgenson for the translation and Ruth Dove for editorial review. 

Author’s note: I’m committed to supporting immigrants in navigating the bureaucracy surrounding small business and have been studying Spanish in order to make myself more helpful and effective. While I am still a beginner, I am happy to take non-English-speaking coaching clients if they feel comfortable working with me and a translator. Contact me about discounted rates for newcomers to the US.



To give you an idea of what’s included in the guide, here’s an excerpt:

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Formulario de un Plan Estratégico de Bricolage

PDF download, 20 pages