Digital Deep Dive - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach

Digital Deep Dive

Coaching Package
  • Review your website and systems with an experienced business advisor
  • Identify where tech and integrations could be improved
  • Develop a plan for systems spiff-up and streamlining

Are you plagued by the feeling that your systems aren’t smooth and you’re not using tech effectively? Overwhelmed by the need to shift more of your business online? Let me help you streamline! I’ll be your strategic advisor who uses plain English, not tech-speak. I work with solopreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits to clarify how tech and systems can serve your goals, not the other way around.

I created the Digital Deep Dive package to help small operations develop simple, effective systems, using accessible, well-supported technologies like Google Drive, WordPress, Zapier, and other tools, both open-source and proprietary.

Here’s what you’ll get

1) We’ll have an initial virtual meeting (1 hour) so you can get me up to speed on your overall strategies and goals, the state of your website and online presence, what tech you’re currently using, and where your systems fall short.

2) I’ll spend up to 2 hours reviewing your site and developing recommendations.

3) I’ll create a detailed written report with my recommended action items.

4) We’ll have a wrap-up meeting (1 hour) to discuss the recommendations and how to get them accomplished.

Custom options

If you have specific needs such as to build a site from scratch, make revisions to your existing site, create integrations, or solve particular issues, we can customize a package for you. Contact me to talk details.

My angle on tech

Besides advising clients on core business and entrepreneurship topics, I’ve managed website projects and helped clients develop digital strategies for more than a decade. I taught “Take Your Business Online” at a local business incubator for several years, and I deeply enjoy helping clients align their goals with business models, legal structures, systems and technology.

My team

This coaching package dovetails with my media development business, P-Brain Media LLC. P-Brain’s team includes coders, graphic designers, editors and writers, with a focus on creatives based in New Mexico. My recommendations will be developed in consultation with the developers on my team to make sure we provide the most current options appropriate for your business.


Drop me a line with any questions you have about this package, including whether it’s right for you.


About Peri

I’m a business coach and author who works with small business owners, nonprofit founders, solopreneurs, freelancers, creatives and independent workers of all types build careers on your own terms. For roughly two decades, I have helped my clients and students build confidence, flexibility and savvy in self-employment. I have deep experience working with startups and community ventures and am committed to human-centered entrepreneurship. Beyond the legal and business nuts and bolts, I believe deeply in the importance of honoring the personal side of how you pursue your unique work.

Feedback from my clients:


“One of the rarest gifts when it comes to providing value to founders and business owners is to break down the mechanics behind business models, finance & accounting, promotion, intellectual property etc. and few do it as well as Peri. 

Joe Cardillo
Co-Founder, Coffee + Creatives


“Peri offered two or three solutions for managing our band within 30 minutes of our first meeting. We were able to implement her ideas immediately and streamline our processes (including booking, scheduling and even bookkeeping). Peri sees the big picture and small details in one fell swoop, tells it like it is without condescension, and demystifies the business side of being creative so we have more energy and time to make music!”

Teresa Esguerra
Drummer and Touring Musician

Digital Deep Dive

Coaching Package