Communications & Publishing Services

Besides writing, coaching and teaching, I offer communications consulting and editorial services to businesses and nonprofits. As a writer (and, not incidentally as a reader) I strongly believe in the value of quality content—but sadly see too little of it. Communicating effectively with your audiences and sharing useful, compelling information is one of the best ways to develop a brand (this is true for both for-profits and nonprofits) and to distinguish yourself in a marketplace drowning in mindless media.

Successful communications strategies depend on thoughtful planning, defining audiences and messages, and careful writing, editing and design to make sure your information products are readable, professional and informative.

I specialize in developmental editing, content development and technical writing, with specific expertise in health care, legal and business topics. Below is a sampling of recent editing projects for my longtime client the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF).

To inquire about my services or discuss the details of your project, please contact me.

California Health Care Almanac | Survey Says: Californians’ Perspectives on Health Care
March 2015

This report describes findings from a 2014 poll of California adults, which asked about health insurance coverage, access to care, cost and affordability, use of health information technology, and data on care quality.

My role: Editor and production manager.


California Health Insurers: Brink of Change
February 2015

This report provides a snapshot of the insurance market in California at the end of 2013, just before the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect. It also includes some initial figures from 2014 that point to large shifts in both Medi-Cal and individual coverage levels.

My role: Editor and production manager.


California’s Rural Health Clinics: Obstacles and Opportunities
March 2012

California’s 271 rural health clinics are key providers of primary care to elderly and low-income populations. This report presents an overview of the patients they serve and the obstacles they face.

My role: Editor and production manager.


Health Care Payment in Transition: A California Perspective
January 2012

The way health care is paid for is changing, and California health care stakeholders can help shape this transformation. This report looks at the state landscape, and some payment alternatives.

My role: Editor and production manager.


Doing More with Less: Operational and Financial Strategies of Eight Community Clinics
November 2011

Community clinics, which serve California’s neediest people, are growing in revenue, patients served, and staff. This CHCF Almanac report provides a checkup on clinics’ financial health.

My role: Editor and production manager.


Implementing National Health Reform in California: Payment and Delivery System Changes
November 2011

The federal Affordable Care Act will transform how Californians obtain health insurance. CHCF examines what the law means for the state, and the building blocks moving forward.


California’s Health Benefit Exchange: The Future Envisioned
August 2011

Four visions for the California Health Benefit Exchange see it leading premium reductions, putting consumers first, reforming care delivery and payment, and aligning with Medi-Cal.

My role: Editor and production manager.


Ready for Reform? Health Insurance Regulation in California Under the ACA
June 2011

California has two agencies that regulate health insurance. In advance of major changes ahead under health reform, a report considers whether this dual structure is the most efficient approach.

My role: Editor and production manager.


The State of Health Information Technology in California
May 2011

This series of reports provides a comprehensive overview of health IT adoption and use in California among physicians, hospitals, and community clinics, as well as consumer perspectives on the topic.

My role: Editor and production manager.


Share of Cost Medi-Cal
September 2010

Share of cost Medi-Cal provides benefits for those with incomes too high to qualify for cash assistance but too low to cover health care. This issue brief provides an overview, including a description of relevant policy issues.

My role: Editor.


Where the Money Goes: Understanding Medi-Cal’s High-Cost Beneficiaries
July 2010

Seven percent of Medi-Cal beneficiaries accounted for more than three-quarters of fee-for-service program expenditures in fiscal year 2008. This snapshot makes recommendations for better controlling costs.

My role: Editor.


Medicaid Section 1115 Demonstration Waivers: Comparing California, Massachusetts, and New York
October 2009

This issue brief compares California’s waiver to the 1115 waivers of two states with innovative and more comprehensive waivers: Massachusetts and New York.

My role: Editor.


Issues and Trends from a Six-Region Study of California Health Systems
July 2009

California’s large size means that health care is organized, delivered, and financed differently throughout the state. CHCF commissioned studies of six large and diverse regional markets that provide details of local health care systems and identify common themes and emerging issues that influence how Californians receive their health care. Researchers visited California communities to gain insights into regional characteristics in health care affordability, access, and quality. These issue briefs profile each market and identify common themes and emerging issues.

My role: Editor for all regional reports:

  • San Francisco Bay Area: Downturn Stresses Historically Stable Safety Net
  • Sacramento: Powerful Hospital Systems Dominate a Stable Market
  • San Diego: Retreat from Capitation Raises Cost Concerns
  • Fresno: Poor Economy, Poor Health Stress a Fragmented System
  • Riverside/San Bernardino: Sprawling Area, Economic Woes Create Access Challenges
  • Los Angeles: Haves and Have-Nots Lead to a Divided System