• Want to start a venture, either for-profit or nonprofit, but not sure where to start?
• Need help streamlining operations, systematizing your venture and positioning it to scale up?
• Need an experienced advisor to bounce ideas off and help you problem-solve?
• Feel overwhelmed or stuck by your swirling ideas and to-do lists?

I'd love to help!

Besides writing business books, I work with clients to help make plans and move them forward.

I’m experienced in helping folks — including individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations — work through all sorts of issues that vex independent workers.

My coaching services can help you:

  • Clarify your goals, identify stumbling blocks — both internal and external — and figure out how best to get from A to B.
  • Develop systems to help streamline businesses and nonprofits of all sizes.
  • Fine-tune your planning process and help you find your own unique workflow.
  • Transition into self-employment — whether it’s planned in advance or a sudden necessity — in line with your values and vision.
  • Use simple organizational methods and tools to manage your work more effectively and profitably.

If you’re wondering how coaching works, I offer tips for business coaching clients in this blog post.

I’ll help you see the big picture, understand the details that matter (including annoying business/legal stuff), make plans and take actions to get you where you want to be.

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  • Happiness
  • Anxiety

< No Systems | Optimal Systems >

I’ve always had a thing for breaking down processes.

I really enjoy helping untangle the following types of tasks/issues commonly faced by entrepreneurs, self-employed indies and nonprofit founders:

  • developing a business plan (or strategic plan, for nonprofits) and ongoing planning habits
  • clarifying a business model based on your unique goals and resources
  • understanding which legal structure to use (such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation)
  • tackling bureaucratic start-up hurdles
  • marketing and promoting your venture on a budget
  • developing the online side of your business/nonprofit
  • implementing systems to grow your operation
  • using simple and effective technology to manage money, projects and time, and
  • growing your venture with contractors or employees.

Problem-solving. No judgments.
I help you do you.


I'm not just wonky; I believe deeply in the importance of honoring the personal side of how you pursue your unique work.

I can help you work on issues that commonly plague independent workers (myself included), like isolation, doubt, fear and anxiety. I'm not a mental health professional (though I can refer you), but I am very aware of how these human experiences play a big part in our decision-making and achievement. I can help you pinpoint areas that might be holding you back.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or to see if I’m a good fit for your needs. I can help people in just about any field or industry, but I do have specific expertise and long experience in publishing and communications. If your needs are especially industry-specific or otherwise outside my realm of expertise, I’ll tell you and give you any recommendations I may have for a better coach.

Hiring a coach is more than just getting advice; it's an investment in your plans and goals.

Hope to work with you!

Purchase and Schedule Coaching or Classes

Below you’ll find a list of all the services I currently offer, including Premium Coaching Packages and Quick Coaching Intro Deals. You can also purchase gift certificates for coaching for your entrepreneurial family and friends. Coaching is done by phone, Zoom or Google Hangout. Fees are for individual for-profit clients; please contact me for group rates and nonprofit discounts, or any other questions.

Standard Coaching Hour

Hire me by the hour and we can work on whatever is most pressing, whether it’s goal-setting, building systems, or figuring out the 411 on self-employment and small business. We’ll meet by phone, Zoom or Google Hangout.

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Premium Coaching Packages

The road to self-employment is never neat, linear or predictable. While you may get all the answers you need in a single session, I find it more effective to work with individual clients for a specified time period during which I can be responsive to the ongoing questions that arise. Below, you can choose from packages of 1, 3 or 6 months of weekly coaching.

Quick Coaching Intro Deals

Not sure if coaching would really help you? Wondering if my style is a good fit for your needs? I offer short-and-sweet (and value-priced) coaching deals — $30 Thursdays and $50 Fridays — to make it easy to give it a try.

Enter your time zone to access the calendar of available dates, and sign right up!

Quick Coaching Packages

Sweet deal: Buy 2 Quick Coaching sessions, get one free!

Coaching Gift Certificates

Any of my coaching services can be purchased as a gift certificate to bestow upon your entrepreneurial loved ones.

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