Bone Marrow Donor Jam in Albuquerque

November 13, 2015By Peri

This event from Oct. 28 was really cool and special to me, for obvious reasons (or not obvious, if you haven’t read about the crap disease my daughter was diagnosed with in 2013). These three wonderful women—sisters Sam Kimura (who, like my daughter Jila, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia) and Alex Kimura, and their friend … Read More

Fun with visualizations

April 11, 2011By Peri

There are so many of these visualization apps these days I can’t really keep up. But I stumbled across Wordle today and came up with the following visual for the words used at this very blog: Cool!

9/11/2010: How far we haven’t come

September 9, 2010By Peri

As hard as I’ve tried to pay no attention to these pathetic Koran-burning idiots, the story just won’t go away — and there’s another whole day before 9/11, not to mention the media bonanza that 9/11 itself offers. So since I’m sadly incapable of ignoring this ridiculous excuse for “news,” I’ll respond by sharing an … Read More