Letting go is the hardest thing

April 16, 2012By Peri

We had a stressful weekend of financial wrangling. We owe a bunch of taxes this year, mostly because I wasn’t on the ball with projecting our income over the year and should have upped the estimated taxes we were paying. There was a surge in income at the end of the year which was great, … Read More

Child Care Expenses: Deductible?

April 9, 2012By Peri

Costs of day care are not considered “ordinary and necessary” expenses of running a business and are thus not deductible business expenses.

What does the IRS have against Qs?

April 29, 2010By Peri

Oh, so long ago I wrote in one of my first business books about the importance of being consistent with your business name to avoid trouble with the IRS. Seems simple enough, right? Well, the IRS can screw it up too. A couple months ago I filled out a W-9 for a new client. Now, … Read More