How has small business changed in 40 years?

March 31, 2011By Peri

In honor of its 40th anniversary (“Demystifying the law since 1971”), Nolo is featuring a series of blog posts on how various areas of the law and business have changed in 40 years. My post went up last week; an excerpt and link to the full post is below. Note: If you’re thinking about becoming … Read More

Starting up smart

June 3, 2010By Peri

I’ve just written another piece for The Huffington Post on the question of what business to start. Here’s a sample: The truth is, no business idea is ready to go right out of the gate. Every entrepreneur needs to poke and prod their idea to varying degrees and usually tweak it a little (or a … Read More

Good primer on tech biz and lean start-ups

May 8, 2010By Peri

If you’re thinking about starting business centered around the Internet, software, or other types of technology-oriented products or services, you’ll find plenty of information online. Blogs and Web publications offer endless streams of advice on how to establish a technology company that survives and thrives, despite the hazards of constantly shifting market realities and fierce … Read More