Biz, Branding, Beards: Big Wood Beard Combs Founder Kyle Malone

March 7, 2018By Peri

It’s a hairy world out there, and Kyle Malone has a comb for it. Kyle had been running his branding firm Kinfolk Branding when he had the idea for an heirloom-quality beard comb, and he ran with the idea. Peri and Eph Sharpe talk with Kyle about launching Big Wood Beard Co, learning about his audience, and where the beard trend is going.

When upselling backfires (No, I do NOT want fries with that!)

February 24, 2011By Peri

One of the cashiers at my local cafe is the world’s most annoying upseller. She’s friendly, she’s competent, she’s efficient and fast — but I hate when I get her at the counter because I know she’s going to try to push stuff on me. “Are you sure you don’t want a pastry with that, … Read More