Free Friday Hangouts: Small Biz Check-In

April 1, 2020By Peri

To stay connected and moving forward with our self-employed gigs, I’m offering a free Zoom workshop on Fridays, at noon Mountain Time from now through May 5, 2020. Let’s hang out and share what we are going through and how we’re dealing.

Unepisode: Peri & Ruth’s Unconference Recap

November 1, 2019By Peri

The Unconference of educational and networking events serving Albuquerque’s creative workers is growing into a powerful model for how to engage, serve and support a robust creative community.

New Year 2018 Coaching Special!

January 12, 2018By Peri

If you’ve been working on plans for the new year and could use advice from an experienced business author and coach, I’m here to help! Sign up for any premium coaching package at and use code 2018FORTUNE for 40% off!

Health coverage: The thorn in the side of the self-employed

March 9, 2012By Peri

Probably my least favorite part of being self-employed is being responsible for paying for and dealing with health coverage for myself and my family. (My husband is self-employed too, so we have no employer-sponsored coverage options.) I recently had to deal with the major hassle of picking a new plan because our existing plan was … Read More