Free Friday Hangouts: Small Biz Check-In

April 1, 2020By Peri

To stay connected and moving forward with our self-employed gigs, I’m offering a free Zoom workshop on Fridays, at noon Mountain Time from now through May 5, 2020. Let’s hang out and share what we are going through and how we’re dealing.

The Business of You: Danielle Vincent, Author of You-Nicorn

March 14, 2018By Peri

Outlaw Soaps co-founder Danielle Vincent has just written a new book, “You-Nicorn: 30 Days to Find Your Inner Unicorn and Live the Life You Love.” Peri talks with Danielle about forging her own path and her passion for targeted, data-driven marketing. 

Biz, Branding, Beards: Big Wood Beard Combs Founder Kyle Malone

March 7, 2018By Peri

It’s a hairy world out there, and Kyle Malone has a comb for it. Kyle had been running his branding firm Kinfolk Branding when he had the idea for an heirloom-quality beard comb, and he ran with the idea. Peri and Eph Sharpe talk with Kyle about launching Big Wood Beard Co, learning about his audience, and where the beard trend is going.

Book Excerpt: Riding Changing Conditions Towards Success

March 15, 2017By Peri

While so many aspects of business are subject to relentless change—technology and global economic conditions are two particularly volatile factors—the good news for those just starting a business is that the elements of success remain pretty constant.

My snap strategy for the dying USPS: Price paper mail way high

September 4, 2011By Peri

OK, I haven’t actually run any actual numbers on this. But in reading (again) about the imminent demise of the US Postal Service, I had some thoughts on how this quasi-public business maybe could work: First and foremost, totally jack up the price for sending paper mail — to, say, $1.25 per standard item and up. Hell, why not $2?

Play to your core audience, not to the back of the room

February 19, 2011By Peri

So the other night, Turtle and I went to see some awesome local musicians whom we just adore. We even got a sitter for the occasion so we both could go (these days it’s usually just one of us, while the other stays home with the kids). The bands were playing at a little restaurant/bar … Read More

Confidence, sharing, and competitive edge

July 6, 2010By Peri

I’ve been thinking lately about the typical learning curve and development arc of new entrepreneurs, and the tendency for those new to small business to hold their cards really close to their chest. More than a few are driven by fear of having their ideas stolen (a common and usually misguided fear) or have overblown … Read More