Some Love for My Top PyraPosts

February 14, 2014By Peri

Working with awesome contributors like these is why I started Pyragraph in the first place, so revisiting them fills me with love.

Start-Up Interruptus

February 7, 2014By Peri

It did feel kind of insane to continue pushing a start-up forward from a room in a pediatric bone marrow transplant unit.

Merry Inverted Christmas, Everyone

December 25, 2013By Peri

The Tan’s installation, The Manger, provided the perfect backdrop for our family’s holiday portrait, a fitting representation of our upside-down year.

My Hopefully-Not-Boring Wellness Tips

November 29, 2013By Peri

I tend to find articles about diet and exercise incredibly boring, so I thought I’d offer my tips along with some advice I found in Jayne’s Almanac 1937.

Letter from the Editor

September 3, 2013By Peri

It’s high time for a letter from me, Pyragraph’s Publisher and Editor, to tell you what’s going on with our little-but-growing creative career magazine.

Contracts and Agreements 101

January 16, 2013By Peri

The more that you are actively working in your field — whether that means writing for magazines, playing music at clubs, hosting gallery events or building furniture for a hotel — the more you’ll find yourself needing to execute contracts with other businesses and people.

The Lowdown on Business Legal Structures

January 11, 2013By Peri

When you’re making money — even just scraps — from your creative work not as an employee of some other company, guess what: You’re running a business.