Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Sam Miller

September 3, 2014By Peri

Fresh off the plane from a summer in Europe playing backup in another band’s tour, Sam Miller comes to the Pyragraph Studios to podcast with us and shake off his jet lag with mimosas and breakfast burritos.

Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Reboot!

August 28, 2014By Peri

In this Reboot Edition of the Self-Employed Happy Hour podcast, Peri is joined by Pyragraph Senior Contributing Editor Sage Harrington, Contributing Editors Josh Stuyvesant and Jeremy Kinter, and Contributing Editor at Large Eva Avenue.

Adventures in Incongruity: Meatloaf Sushi

October 8, 2010By Peri

My contribution to the genre? Meatloaf sushi. I first created this about 10 years ago and have been meaning to post a how-to for ages. So here you go; photos and instructions after the jump. You’re very welcome.