I can make an animated GIF

May 31, 2012By Peri

I’m working up my interview with artist Alexandra Gjurasic about her Kickstarter campaign, and I just don’t want to give it short shrift.

OMG it’s May

May 1, 2012By Peri

The imminent end of the school year is causing me angst (again).

Not blogging today

April 26, 2012By Peri

But I worry that if I start taking a day off here and there it’ll be a slippery slope to blog stagnation.

Getting my blogging toes wet

April 17, 2012By Peri

Based on my extremely limited experience, here’s a summary of the thoughts and ideas on blogging I shared with my friend yesterday.

Roping the kids into a meditation practice

March 27, 2012By Peri

Tomorrow I’m doing a little presentation to my daughter’s preschool class on meditation. Last year I cobbled together a draft plan and put out some feelers to get some sort of family meditation drop-in thing going at the school (actually, more likely over at The Harwood next to the school) but it never really took … Read More

10 years of working for…ME!

October 5, 2011By Peri

Ten years ago today I parted ways with the last job I’ve ever held as an employee. Since then I’ve juggled a crazy mix of clients and projects (a mix that happily has grown much more focused over the years); written three books; got married to my best friend; had two insanely awesome kids; escaped … Read More

Spring fever and changing course (a.k.a. failing)

March 10, 2011By Peri

Yesterday I decided to pull the plug (or at least, put on a far-back burner…on low) on a project that I realized I just couldn’t do right now. This project being my next book project which I was aiming to have done by the end of the summer. The thing is that I had already … Read More

Adventures in Incongruity: Meatloaf Sushi

October 8, 2010By Peri

My contribution to the genre? Meatloaf sushi. I first created this about 10 years ago and have been meaning to post a how-to for ages. So here you go; photos and instructions after the jump. You’re very welcome.