Contract Templates, e-Guides, Form Kits and more.

Need help developing documents to organize and run your business? I’ve got your docs! On this page you’ll find info and purchase links for digital downloads such as contract templates, licensing kits and more.

All digital download purchases come with a discount code for 25% off or more for any of my Premium Coaching Packages!

Templates, Kits & E-Guides

I write e-guides and download kits to help you tackle specific tasks like strategic planning or drafting contracts.

5 Essential Clauses for Freelance Contracts

This contract kit hones in on the most important clauses freelancers should include, with sample language for you to use. From Scope of Work to Term and Termination, this guide will give you the important info and language you need to draft a contract with confidence.  Read more…

DIY Strategic Plan Kit

This kit offers an easy-to-follow approach to strategic planning that will yield a basic plan that clarifies your mission, specifies your goals and objectives, and outlines your activities, including planned budgets. If you’ve been stuck on how to kick-start your planning process, this is the kit you need! Read more…

Formulario de un Plan Estratégico de Bricolage

This Spanish-language version of my DIY Strategic Plan Kit aims to help Spanish-speaking community organizers and nonprofit managers boost their efficiency and develop solid strategic plans.
Read more…

Sample Freelance Contracts

This download includes two (yes two!) sample contracts for independent contractor services. One version is for a flat-rate contact; the other is for a contract in which you (the contractor) will bill hourly (this is sometimes called a “time and materials” contract). Read more…

Music Licensing Agreement for Use in a Film/Video

The info and agreement template in this Template Kit is aimed at helping filmmakers and musicians execute an agreement for a song to be included in a film or video. The agreement template is for a song recording that already exists; if the filmmaker wants to record their own cover, there are additional issues to consider that are discussed below; you may need an additional agreement in this case. Read more…

Online Courses

Looking forward to offering online courses! Stay tuned.

Coming Soon!

Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about through an online course? Please feel free to share your wish list of topics with me via my contact form or my Facebook page. I’m making the transition from teaching in person to teaching online and would love your input!

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