Fun with small multiples

Fun with small multiples

Most folks in my wide network of small business owners and indie self-employed folx feel dread and overwhelm at the task of tracking business and digital metrics. That’s why I advise clients to focus on “lightweight metrics” in order to see trends without drowning in data. Pick a few key points (aka key performance indicators or KPIs) and figure out an easy way to track them.

The tricky part is that your important numbers may come from diverse data sources; it can be annoying and demoralizing to figure out how to most efficiently collect and organize those numbers to see meaningful trends.

If you are currently envisioning some sort of unified, synchronized, fully automated system for this, I’m sorry but it won’t be as smooth as you are hoping for. Don’t lose heart at this point! With a bit of advance thinking and charting out what data you want and where you’ll get it from, you can put together a dashboard of sorts. Google Sheets are a great foundational tool but undoubtedly you’ll use other tools and platforms as well, like your Google Analytics data (reflecting traffic to your website), Stripe or Paypal reports, forms entries, and of course your social media accounts which have their own native ways of tracking stats.

Tools to collect unified data are expensive and imperfect, so my preference is to do a semi-manual system. By doing some of the collection and organizing manually, you’ll understand the data better as well, so that’s a plus.

P-Brain Media helps clients with tracking lightweight metrics and some of our favorite tools are:

  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • Looker Studio
  • Google Sheets
  • Clockify
  • Forms platforms like WPForms, Google Forms, etc.
  • WordPress-specific elements that create animated charts and graphs

Tracking metrics doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Set the bar low, aim to do it consistently, and grow from there.

P-Brain Media’s Digital Office Support services focus on helping clients dial in their strategy and execution on the digital front — including lightweight metrics. Book a free info session at the link.

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