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Late winter greetings! March is turning into an extra busy month, so I realized I should write a quick blog post to announce some events. I’m trying to get better about posting to this blog; getting into a habit of writing extemporaneously is the strategy I’m going for, to share the stuff going on in my self-employed life on an ongoing basis without overthinking it. BUT I’m chronically doing Too Many Things and always stretched too thin to stop and even think about what I’m doing, much less find time to write about it. But here I am, doing it. 🙂 It’s hard to develop new habits, gah!

It’s also hard to find a happy balance of time away from the laptop. I love digital media and have built my work life around it, but it can definitely feel overwhelming, and I (like most of you, I’m guessing) need time away from the infinite screen of digital life. That said, here’s an update!

Virtual Biz Clinic

Wednesday, March 15, noon to 1pm

This Wednesday March 15 my web tech firm P-Brain Media is hosting a Virtual Biz Clinic, a free drop-in event where you can come ask questions about business challenges you’re dealing with, and how you can address them with tech integrations such as WordPress plugins and other platforms (MailChimp and Google Drive, for example). I’ll be wearing my business consultant hat to give advice about strategy, and P-Brain’s Tech Director Ana Vela will help with questions about WordPress, plugins, automations and more. The goal for this Zoom will be to steer participants towards solutions and help you build your own internal capacity to build and maintain simple systems with simple tech.

This will be a “cameras on” event where participants can interact with each other and are encouraged to share experiences and support. Feel free to drop in for part or the whole hour. Free! Register here and the Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Peri & the FAQs play Tiny Grocer ABQ

Thursday March 16, 4 to 6pm

Flyer featuring illustration of the earth's positions around the sun, including equinoxes and solsticesI haven’t played with the FAQs since March 2020 so I’m pretty dang excited for this show, at my favorite patio in town. 🙂 Ben Jones will be out of town which is a bummer (I can’t wait to play with Ben again), but I’ve roped in some awesome new FAQs: Billy Bellmont (Bellemah), Keith Morris (The Directory) and Stue Trory (Jank S Der). We’ll play a couple sets of originals plus covers ranging from Johnny Cash to PJ Harvey. It’ll be a Tiny Grocer Community Supper night, a pay-what-you-can fundraiser for Mutual Aid ABQ.

I want to write a whole lot more about Tiny Grocer ABQ as it’s rocking my world these days since moving into Old Town, especially its new location, huge patio and amazing food (the Tuerta menu is the bomb). I’m still not eating or meeting inside, which makes business and networking life really complicated, but since Tiny Grocer Patio opened last fall it’s been my go-to place. It’s such a relief to have places like this and not feel totally isolated. And getting to play music there is just the best ever! I’ve always loved playing outside, even before COVID, so I am extra stoked to have this venue within walking distance of my house. Owner Liz Gaylor is wonderful and amazing and I plan to have her on as a guest for a Self-Employed Happy Hour episode soon!

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