New podcast alert! In my first episode since the pandemic hosed everything, I talk with Angela Merkert, the Executive Director of Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity, about her organization’s efforts to create a public bank owned by the State of New Mexico and how it could support more equitable access to capital in the state. I also share updates from my self-employed life, including the story behind a new organization I co-founded, SEED NM.

Here are some links to resources and articles Angela and I talked about in our chat:

  •, a website where you can look up banks in your area and see how (and if) they are putting their dollars towards supporting local economies and communities.
  •, the website of the Federal Reserve, the US central bank. You can find info here on liquidity rates and monetary policy, which affect banks’ openness to extend loans to small ventures.
  • Native Women Lead, a nonprofit working to revolutionize systems and inspire innovation by increasing access to capital for self-employed Native women.
  • Moving Beyond the 5 C’s of Lending: A New Model of Credit for Indian Country, an article by Native Women Lead’s Jaime Gloshay and Vanessa Roanhorse about character-based lending and how it taps into Indigenous norms and serves to decolonize finance.

Tweener music: “Unabanker” by The Directory.

Photo by Peri Pakroo.

Theme song: “You Do You” by Sam Miller.

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