Sunflower and mantis - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach
Slowing down enough to enjoy sunflowers and praying mantii in my yard has been restorative.

I hope you are staying healthy both physically and emotionally. Nothing about this pandemic is easy! As a self-employed person I feel the weight of this long slog and it can be heeeavy. So many aspects of my business and personal life have been upended and too often I find myself feeling the angsty sense of constant URGENCY as if there were some action I could take to fix everything. If only!

One way I’ve found to turn off this nagging feeling is to return to my plans and priorities and keep pushing them forward — while being mindful to not push so hard that I lose calm or balance. What’s key for me is that I have well-developed and documented plans and priorities so I have something to focus on, instead of simply being reactive and flailing around with aimless action. As it has turned out, the goal-setting habits I’ve developed over the years have been really therapeutic through this “surviving 2020” challenge.

Some quick announcements:

  • The 6th Edition of The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit hit bookstores just last month! I’ve been remiss in announcing it. Of course you can buy it at Amazon but a better idea is to order it from your local, independent bookseller.
  • With the help of Lisa Barrow, we’ve published some great new content over at Pyragraph and I’m super stoked about it! Working with brilliant creatives gives me life. Check out the beautiful posts and illustrations by Zahra Marwan. And Eva Ave has been hosting a superfun new music show, The Canceled Shows, featuring bands whose chances to perform have been decimated by this crazy year. Watch it here.
  • Sign up for my email list! Maybe that doesn’t sound like an announcement, but all summer I’ve been offering mega-discounts and free workshops to support my community of peeps during the pandemic. I’ve got lots of plans — including new deals — for the upcoming months, and email will be the best way to hear about them. I know your attention is precious, so I’ll never spam you or sell your email. New subscribers receive a FREE copy of my contract kit, “5 Essential Clauses for Freelancers.”

Hey, I guess that’s it. Thanks for reading! Do you have plans and priorities? How are you doing with working through them? Let me know in the comments.

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