Clothing drive, photo by Andy Lyon
Photo by Andy Lyon.

UPDATE: Donation organizers just let me know they are specifically in need of pharmacy-type items. See updated list below. It’d be great if you could bring any of the items below to the event Friday May 10. Best time to bring donations will be from 6-9pm. #TIA

Hey friends! As many of you know, there have been massive efforts underway for weeks (longer than that, really) helping the many refugees and immigrants who are arriving in New Mexico. Donation drives have been hugely helpful in outfitting the new arrivals with essentials like feminine hygiene products, diapers, clean clothing, backpacks and more.

The need is not going away, so I’d like to help the effort by having a drop-off point for donations at my book release party on May 10. PLEASE NOTE the venue is a private members-only club, so you need to RSVP if you’d like to attend. Message me for an invitation if you haven’t gotten one already.

Here’s what organizers are asking for in terms of donations. PLEASE keep your donations within this description, as it is truly time-consuming for these folks to sort through and deal with things that aren’t actually needed.

Pharmacy Stuff

  • Adult cough meds (they recommend Robitussin DM)
  • Adult pain meds (Tylenol and ibuprofen)
  • Medicated lice shampoo
  • Lotrimin, antifungal cream
  • Oragel or generic
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Loratidine 10mg—NEW
  • Nitrile or latex gloves size medium, 2 boxes

Misc Stuff

  • Small-ish men’s clothing (33 waist and below)
  • Youth clothing sizes 10-16
  • Men’s and women’s underwear, sizes S and M only
  • Kids’ underwear, all sizes
  • New or gently used socks, all sizes
  • Smaller bras including sports bras
  • Shoes
  • Caps and beanies
  • Sippy cups and baby bottles
  • Apple juice
  • Apple sauce
  • Condiment cups with lids—2 ounce
  • Ginger chews
  • High-protein snacks and portable meals for families to eat on multi-day bus journeys

One Comment

  • Is there any value in plush toys? My daughters have agreed to let go of all their “stuffed animals” etc., thinking perhaps a toy to hug might ease the stress for some young children

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