Danielle Vincent, Author of You-Nicorn - Peri Pakroo, Self-Employment CoachWhen Danielle Vincent left her job at Oprah to start a soap-making business with her new husband, more than a few folks thought she was, well, crazy. Six years later, Outlaw Soaps is a success, propelled largely by Danielle’s high-level marketing chops and time management skills. She has just written a new book, “You-Nicorn: 30 Days to Find Your Inner Unicorn and Live the Life You Love.” Peri talks with Danielle about forging her own path and her passion for targeted, data-driven marketing.

On this #NationalStudentWalkout day, Peri also shares some tips for how to talk with your kids about activism and politics.

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Theme song: “You Know Who You Are” by Sam Miller.

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Peri Pakroo, Self-Employment Coaching

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