Wellness Coach Antonia Montoya - Peri Pakroo, Author and Coach

Today on Self-Employed Happy Hour we talk wellness with coach, educator, bass player and grateful human Antonia Montoya. Peri and Eph Sharpe chat with Antonia about how to carve out time and intention for self-care within a busy self-employed life. Peri also shares a slice of her self-employed juggle this winter, from her frosty living room studio.

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Segment music by Eph Sharpe.

Theme song: “You Know Who You Are” by Sam Miller.

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  • Greetings Peri! So happy to have found your website through the Nolo book Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit at Barnes and Noble. There is so much to learn and know about being in business – thank you for your time and dedication.

    In attempting to listen a podcast I wasn’t able to turn the volume down (tinnitus) at the library where I frequent the computer. Hope to follow-up later and complete the podcast.

    Will be taking a look at the remainder of your site.

    Thanks again for your dedication. Care well for yourself – this world needs people like you at there best!

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