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Let it be known (quietly, shh) that I finished building my new website and migrated it to the live site in the wee hours last night, and it’s live but I’m not sharing it on social media yet because I’m still fixing a Featured Image issue where it’s not displaying the correct image when sharing on social media. So I’ll get there, but for now wanted to thank Aryon Hopkins for giving my test site a review earlier this week, and coaching me through some of the knottier tech that I wasn’t confident I could handle to finish the site. We met for a couple hours on Wednesday and ba-bam, his guidance helped me fix the last big danglers and I feel like a fucking ninja today.

I’m so excited for my new site! If you’re reading this you’ve already found it even though I haven’t really announced it yet; please poke around! Visit the Home page, browse the blog posts, check out the services I have to offer, etc. I’ll do a more official announcement in a week or so after I’ve worked out the smaller danglers and bugs. I have a lot to share about the long and arduous process of learning how to build a site myself, so I’ll likely be blogging about it in the near future. For now I need to get away from the laptop and catch up on sleep and exercise.

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