Photo by Peri Pakroo.

This event from Oct. 28 was really cool and special to me, for obvious reasons (or not obvious, if you haven’t read about the crap disease my daughter was diagnosed with in 2013). These three wonderful women—sisters Sam Kimura (who, like my daughter Jila, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia) and Alex Kimura, and their friend Taylor Shorten are on a year-long quest to add more people to the bone marrow donor registry. Check out their project online: Sharing America’s Marrow – S.A.M.

We welcomed them to Albuquerque with a swab drive at my neighborhood tap room, the Draft Station. I invited all my usual suspects and had a great turnout for the S.A.M. ladies. Jila helped register people and they got a few dozen swabees!

If you’re not already on the register, please consider joining! Check out Delete Blood Cancer or Be The Match for info on how to get tested for free. It just takes a cheek swab and you could save a life!


Sharing America's Marrow - Peri Pakroo
L-R: Alex Kimura, Taylor Shorten, Jila and registrants. Photo by Peri Pakroo.

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