Following My Own Advice - Peri Pakroo

Somehow I keep generating more publications and social media accounts, ay caramba! Currently I’m heavily managing but I’m also trying to keep this blog updated,—and I’m finding it interesting to see the patterns of my posts and how my various sites are inextricably linked together.

On May 25 2012, I created a post here at about trying to follow my own career advice. Almost exactly two years later, on May 15 2014, I updated that post with a post at with details about what I was doing at the time.

And almost exactly in between these two posts, my daughter got mightily ill and we went through a hard restart on all of our lives.

I didn’t plan these posts out in advance by any means, and I find it interesting to compare these different stages of life situations with a bit of hindsight. I thought you might too. Who could even make this stuff up?

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