O Inverted Christmas #invertedxmas

Every few years Turtle and I manage to put together some sort of ridiculous holiday card. This year our job was made much easier by the fine folks at Albuquerque’s premier gallery of mysteries, one-offs, subversions, idea art, transformations and attempts: The Tan. Their inverted Christmas installation, The Manger, provided the perfect backdrop for our family’s holiday portrait, a fitting representation of our upside-down year.

I’m very, very happy to report that things have been righting themselves quite solidly and my daughter’s medical condition is much, much improved. I’ll give more of an update soon.

O Inverted Christmas songs #invertedxmas

For now, I’m going to sign off and continue doing as much nothing as I can this Christmas. We’ve got a lot brewing at Pyragraph (honestly, a LOT) which you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks. Today I aspire not to get out of my pajamas, keep the Bailey’s and coffee flowing, stay away from my laptop and phone as much as possible, and recharge. I hope y’all can do the same.

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