Well hello! Yes, I have fallen out of my blogging routine ever since this screwed-up summer. But while life/family events knocked me out of the saddle, I’m happy to report that the reason it’s taking me so long to climb back in is that I’ve been hatching some exciting new ventures. One of these is my weekly podcast Self-Employed Happy Hour (details on tonight’s show below) — but there’s more. And it’s exciting indeed. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’m thrilled that the owners of one of my very favorite Albuquerque shops, The Octopus and the Fox, Jessi MB Campbell and Belita Orner, will be my guests on Self-Employed Happy Hour tonight! In addition to their website, check them out on Facebook where you’ll find beautiful pics of some seriously awesome (and way-affordable) stuff at their shop which showcases handmade art, fashion, and gifts from dozens of local artists and designers. Tune in tonight, Oct. 3 for live streaming video at 9pm Mountain at www.selfemployedhappyhour.com. After the show you can download the podcast (audio only) at my iTunes channel.

Self-Employed Happy Hour streams live video every Wednesday at 9pm Mountain. There are about 8 shows left in this run before we will take a break, tweak some stuff, and come back with another “season.” Remember, if you log in at the video stream page (www.selfemployedhappyhour.com, which redirects to the Ustream page) you can chat with us live and send us your questions. I hope to hear from you!


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