So I’ve done three Self-Employed Happy Hour podcasts so far, and have barely promoted them as we’re still figuring out some technical stuff. But I feel we’re on *relatively* solid technical ground at this point, so I’m excited to announce that my guest tonight will be Elissa Breitbard, founder and owner of Albuquerque’s perennial favorite spa, Betty’s Bath and Day Spa!

Elissa totally rocks the business stuff and I’ve learned just a ton from her over the years. She’s a super-inspiring model of how to do business well on so many levels: ethically, financially, creatively and more. For the last few years she’s added “Mom” to her titles, so she’s just a wealth of knowledge for us self-employed mamas. I’m super-excited to have her on tonight!

Tune in at 9pm Mountain time for the live video stream, and/or download the podcast at iTunes in a day or two.

If you want to check out the previous podcasts go to my iTunes channel.

Thanks for bearing with my wobbly first steps into this fun podcasting adventure!


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