So I’m feeling relieved and happy that this marks the end of the fourth week since I started blogging regularly (daily). I was nervous about being able to stick with it, but it has really gotten easier by the day. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy my posts, share the link with your peeps, would ya? Starting next week I’m going to be adding some new resources including downloadable business planning worksheets and tip sheets. So stay tuned!

I’m going to keep it short today, in part to celebrate my one-month mark, and in part because I’m a little pooped after spending the morning at my daughter’s school’s Earth Day celebration. It was super fun and cute as usual. But between walking our recycled-kiddie-pool “float” over to the school and through the parade (not to mention putting the final touches on it until 1am last night), and chasing Jasper around the festivities — including tending to a bad boo-boo from falling on the concrete steps — mom is ready for a little chill time.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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