Meatloaf sushi - Peri Pakroo, Self-Employment Coach

I am neck-deep in updating one of my books for a new edition (Starting and Building a Nonprofit, in case you’re wondering), and during a quick New York Times break I read all about spaghetti tacos, which are apparently the rage among the tweener set. Truth be told, I don’t really find this concoction appealing — though I do quite enjoy incongruous food combinations!

My contribution to the genre? Meatloaf sushi. I first created this about 10 years ago and have been meaning to post a how-to for ages. So here you go; photos and instructions after the jump. You’re very welcome.

(Thanks to my identical cousin Parisha Pakroo for help with the photo shoot!)


  • And to think I thought that I had come up with an original idea but apparently loads of people have come up with meatloaf sushi on the internet. Yours looks like the best I’ve seen though!

    • Ha! I haven’t seen any others online but I haven’t looked in a while. I came up with it in 2000 (I remember because it debuted at our going-away party when we moved from San Francisco to New Mexico) and it has been a party fave ever since! Thanks for the compliment!

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