…and so far they’re good! (We’re talking about my latest, The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit.) Please allow me to share a few with you.

From Feministing.com:

Do women business owners — or aspiring ones — really need a start-up kit of our own? If it’s Pakroo’s, then yes. Women have different experiences starting and running businesses than do men (as they do in other employed experiences), and the book retains its focus on women’s business without collapsing into stereotypes. What you won’t find here are go-girl pep talks; Pakroo assumes you can.

From Suite101.com:

Believe the hype! The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit by Peri Pakroo truly is just that — an all in one kit for entrepreneurs or anyone thinking of starting up a business or changing a career to become an entrepreneur.

From ChristianPF.com:

When a woman launches out to start her own business, in most cases she has a passion and enthusiasm for performing her particular skill or selling a particular product but also has an unfamiliarity with areas such as recordkeeping, financing, types of business organizations, business software, hiring employees, marketing, sales, taxes, and legal requirements. This book is a valuable resource guide that gives women practical and useful advice in these unfamiliar areas and also the knowledge needed for them to run a successful business. This book should be read by every woman thinking of starting her own business and also every woman who has already started her own business. … Even though this book is longer than most and contains 482 pages, I read the book in only four days because the information in these pages kept my attention and aroused my curiosity to want to read more. I would definitely recommend this book as an excellent resource book to every woman who is thinking of starting her own business. I believe that many new business start-up failures could have been prevented if this book was read and the advice was followed in the early planning stages of the business. From a personal perspective as a CPA, reading this book has given me a renewed desire to develop a business consulting niche with women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to all for helping spread the word! It is so very appreciated.

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