I’ve just written another piece for The Huffington Post on the question of what business to start. Here’s a sample:

The truth is, no business idea is ready to go right out of the gate. Every entrepreneur needs to poke and prod their idea to varying degrees and usually tweak it a little (or a lot) before it’s ready to launch. But folks new to the worlds of small business often wonder exactly how to go about this.

Here’s the nutshell version of the advice I give to my students and clients. At the most fundamental level, every business has two basic elements that will either help it succeed or drag it into the ground: the business idea itself, and whether the owner(s) are well-suited to run it. If either the idea is flawed or the business isn’t a good fit for the folks running the show, failure (or at least some serious stagnation) is probably just a matter of time.

Check out the whole piece: Don’t Just Start a Business — Start the Right One.

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