If you’re thinking about starting business centered around the Internet, software, or other types of technology-oriented products or services, you’ll find plenty of information online. Blogs and Web publications offer endless streams of advice on how to establish a technology company that survives and thrives, despite the hazards of constantly shifting market realities and fierce competition.

There’s great info out there — but a lot of it is somewhat hard to penetrate for newbies to the business world. Many of the blogs and articles are jargon-laden and seem to be aimed at those who already know a lot about technology industries. If you’re not already up to speed on what, say, agile development or scrum methodology is, the otherwise great advice may be hard to use.

I read a great little article in The New York Times recently that I thought was a helpful introduction to some of the ideas, methods and terms involved in technology companies. Check it out: The Rise of the Fleet-Footed Start-Up. To be honest, this article seems to be a little bit behind the curve as these ideas aren’t exactly new. But I think it’s helpful in how it lays out the issues for those who might be new to these ideas, and introduces the topic with good context. See what you think.

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