I just got back from a lovely networking event hosted by my favorite local business group, the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, a.k.a. AIBA. (Yes, I’m a co-founder so I’ll admit to some bias!) The event was held at Slate Street Cafe and co-hosted by Albuquerque’s alternative newspaper Local iQ. Besides great people and incredible food (seriously, nice job Slate Street!), there was a raffle for a number of great prizes — and I won the big kahuna! The prize: $300 worth of gift certificates to The Artichoke Cafe, one of Albuquerque’s very best restaurants — and in my neighborhood to boot. It’s particularly welcome because it will motivate my husband and I to get a sitter and GET OUT more at night. A preschooler and a baby are seriously murder on the night life.

My awesome friend Elissa, founder/owner of Betty’s Bath and Day Spa, motivated me to go the AIBA event in the first place, so Elissa please be on notice: I’m treating you to at least one of these Artichoke dinners. Let’s make a date!

I ran into all sorts of folks at the event I hadn’t seen in ages, which was great. (Again, my networking has plummeted since having baby boy in October.) I was particularly happy to run into a student from my Start Smart class at WESST: Antonia Montoya, a health educator who last year started Sendero Wellness, offering workplace wellness training and services. It sounds like her business is doing great which is always so wonderful to see. Check out her site to see how she’s helping keep employees healthy and productive.

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