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Creative career advice for freelancers, artists, businesses and nonprofits, small and large

If you’re wondering how to turn a skill or passion into a legit venture — or how to up your game in freelancing or a business you’re already running — I can help.

My Books

My books are all published by Nolo Press and can be purchased at your local, indie bookstore. Click each title for details.

Business Kits

I offer downloadable business kits to help you run your business or organization. Click through for details and purchase links.

Coaching and Classes

I am an incorrigible problem-solver, and I love helping others strategize and figure out their best next moves. I advise clients on the concepts, systems and legal structures involved in business and nonprofit ventures, as well as human factors such as motivation and working through anxiety. I’ve learned innumerable lessons along the path of being self-employed for 20+ years and I deeply enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Today was my last of four sessions with Peri Pakroo. I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with her! If you have questions concerning your business (big or small) or maybe just need a little objective perspective on your work, HIRE PERI.

Nancy ZastudilOwner, The Necessarian and Central Features Contemporary Art

Other Services

I am afflicted with a love of communications and publishing. I have deep experience in media development for clients in health care, legal and nonprofit fields. Contact me for work samples and/or to discuss your project.

Digital Media

Project management, developmental editing, technical/general writing, audio/video production, photography, graphic design.


Communications strategy development, social media management, media relations outreach.


Developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, print/production management.


Editorial scope/guidelines development, audience analysis, writer management, digital and print production management, creative asset management.

My Juggle

Publishing & Media Creation17%
Author stuff14%
Coaching, Advising & Teaching12%
Mom stuff20%
Rocking Out11%
Political Rabblerousing6%
Staying Well10%

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