Burning Questions for Barney Lopez

June 24, 2016By Peri

“I think one of the greatest aspects of theater for the kids to learn is how to complete a large project. There are many moving parts. It’s not gonna be finished in one lesson.”

1,000 Posts and I’m Crying About David Bowie

February 13, 2016By Peri

The info and agreement template in this Licensing Kit—free for PyraPASS members—is aimed at helping filmmakers and musicians execute an agreement for a song to be included in a film or video.

Bone Marrow Donor Jam in Albuquerque

November 13, 2015By Peri

This event from Oct. 28 was really cool and special to me, for obvious reasons (or not obvious, if you haven’t read about the crap disease my daughter was diagnosed with in 2013). These three wonderful women—sisters Sam Kimura (who, like my daughter Jila, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia) and Alex Kimura, and their friend … Read More

All My Blogs

November 3, 2015By Peri

I’m finding it interesting to see the patterns of my posts and how my various sites are inextricably linked together.

Google Maps Is Driving Me Crazy

July 23, 2015By Peri

Google Maps makes it so dang hard to create and save maps these days, and to access old ones I created a few years ago. Ugh! I’m trying to figure it out.

Self-Employed Happy Hour Podcast: Women & Creativity

March 4, 2015By Peri

We had a great talk about the unique ways that women approach creative pursuits, how to build professional opportunities for creative women (and men) in New Mexico, and how to celebrate and support creative women year-round.