Desperately seeking ‘the zone’

May 26, 2010By Peri

I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator (OK, perhaps more than a bit) and tend to do best when in crunch mode. I’ve long preferred to intensely focus on a project for the days or weeks it takes to get it done, rather than dutifully chipping away at it for a longer period of … Read More

Blog, interrupted

May 21, 2010By Peri

I’ve got to come clean and admit that family life has eclipsed work for the last couple weeks. My husband has been out of town, my little girl has had a mysterious tummy bug on and off for a week, her birthday party is tomorrow (!) and I’ve had a slew of deadlines on various … Read More

Good primer on tech biz and lean start-ups

May 8, 2010By Peri

If you’re thinking about starting business centered around the Internet, software, or other types of technology-oriented products or services, you’ll find plenty of information online. Blogs and Web publications offer endless streams of advice on how to establish a technology company that survives and thrives, despite the hazards of constantly shifting market realities and fierce … Read More

My first article on Huffington Post

May 6, 2010By Peri

Exciting! I’ve officially become a Huffington Post blogger. Check out my first post. An excerpt: …[A]s many women business owners will tell you, the road to success for women often involves its own unique set of curves. Surveys of women business owners show that women’s business concerns tend to skew towards issues such as finding … Read More

What does the IRS have against Qs?

April 29, 2010By Peri

Oh, so long ago I wrote in one of my first business books about the importance of being consistent with your business name to avoid trouble with the IRS. Seems simple enough, right? Well, the IRS can screw it up too. A couple months ago I filled out a W-9 for a new client. Now, … Read More

WTF products

April 25, 2010By Peri

I’m a sucker for a bewildering useless invention. But even better are the ads attempting to demonstrate the need for the useless invention. Who knew that cracking an egg, wiping your butt, or using a blanket could be so vexing?

Unexpected networking perks

April 8, 2010By Peri

I just got back from a lovely networking event hosted by my favorite local business group, the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, a.k.a. AIBA. (Yes, I’m a co-founder so I’ll admit to some bias!) The event was held at Slate Street Cafe and co-hosted by Albuquerque’s alternative newspaper Local iQ. Besides great people and incredible food … Read More

And another squeeze: Unpaid Interns

April 5, 2010By Peri

Something must be in the water. Hot on the heels of the IRS notice that they’re cracking down on companies that use independent contractors inappropriately, the federal Department of Labor is now going after unpaid internships that may violate minimum wage laws. From The New York Times: Convinced that many unpaid internships violate minimum wage … Read More

Squeeze on independent contractors?

March 30, 2010By Peri

Businesses that use independent contractors (ICs) take note: The IRS is launching a program to examine 6000 randomly chosen businesses over the next three years to see if they have correctly classified workers as ICs or employees. The federal government expects to raise $7 billion over the next 10 years through tougher enforcement. In addition, … Read More

3 tips for emerging from a work tunnel

March 16, 2010By Peri

When I finished my book in January, I often fantasized about the unfettered downtime I would have when I finished the book. Well, it’s been a couple months and I’m finally getting there. I totally underestimated how much damn stuff I had been ignoring for all that time, and how long it would take me … Read More