Let’s rock out this Friday, Sept. 17

September 15, 2010By Peri

If you’re in (or near) Albuquerque this Friday, pop over to The Kosmos (1715 5th St. NW) from 5 to 8pm for my book party! Yes, it’s been four months since The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit hit bookstore shelves but I wanted to wait until Fall to have a proper hoedown. If you can … Read More

9/11/2010: How far we haven’t come

September 9, 2010By Peri

As hard as I’ve tried to pay no attention to these pathetic Koran-burning idiots, the story just won’t go away — and there’s another whole day before 9/11, not to mention the media bonanza that 9/11 itself offers. So since I’m sadly incapable of ignoring this ridiculous excuse for “news,” I’ll respond by sharing an … Read More

Who’s afraid of the numbers?

September 6, 2010By Peri

I just realized that I neglected to include a link to an article on financial management for small businesses that I recently wrote for Entrepreneur.com. Here’s an excerpt: Over and over I hear owners admit sheepishly, “I don’t do enough with the numbers.” If you merely keep up with the basics, you might avoid true … Read More

Are smartphones really the enemy?

August 21, 2010By Peri

I just read a post at The New York Times City Room Blog titled “Smartphones and Dumb Parents” which, as the title suggests, is a long-ish complaint about parents whose attention is on their smartphones instead of their kids. The author complains: With a so-called smartphone seemingly at every adult’s fingertips, many parents are finding … Read More

Networking is not sales

August 5, 2010By Peri

I recently finished teaching another 3-week session of Start Smart, a class offered by WESST on business start-up basics. In class #2 we look at cost-effective ways to market a business (hint: advertising is nowhere near the top of the list), and networking is a major part of this discussion. As I share with every … Read More

Oh, the elusive state of balance…

August 2, 2010By Peri

If you’re at all like me, you probably feel like a broken record when catching up with friends and family. It pains me to hear myself saying for what seems like the millionth time, “Oh, we’re super busy as usual” or “Life has been nuts for the last couple months” or “The insanity never ends!” … Read More

Confidence, sharing, and competitive edge

July 6, 2010By Peri

I’ve been thinking lately about the typical learning curve and development arc of new entrepreneurs, and the tendency for those new to small business to hold their cards really close to their chest. More than a few are driven by fear of having their ideas stolen (a common and usually misguided fear) or have overblown … Read More

Book signing Tuesday July 6, 7pm

July 2, 2010By Peri

If you’re in Albuquerque, drop by Bookworks in the North Valley for my book signing! I’ll chat a bit about the ins and outs of self-employment and sign some books. Bookworks is my favorite local bookstore so I’m excited for the event! Bookworks is at 4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW (by Flying Star). More info … Read More

Reviews of my book trickling in…

July 1, 2010By Peri

…and so far they’re good! (We’re talking about my latest, The Women’s Small Business Start-Up Kit.) Please allow me to share a few with you. From Feministing.com: Do women business owners — or aspiring ones — really need a start-up kit of our own? If it’s Pakroo’s, then yes. Women have different experiences starting and … Read More