Spring fever and changing course (a.k.a. failing)

March 10, 2011By Peri

Yesterday I decided to pull the plug (or at least, put on a far-back burner…on low) on a project that I realized I just couldn’t do right now. This project being my next book project which I was aiming to have done by the end of the summer. The thing is that I had already … Read More

It’s the 100th International Women’s Day

March 8, 2011By Peri

I’m going to be completely honest and admit I didn’t really have a plan for how to honor International Women’s Day. Just keeping the essential balls in the air has been a challenge. For the entire last week (plus a few days) our sitter who helps with our 16-month-old had the flu, and in the … Read More

Leading provider of free unique natural green solutions

March 3, 2011By Peri

Sure, when drafting your marketing messages it makes sense to include appropriate buzzwords that not only will speak to your audience, but that accurately depict the product or service you’re selling. But empty, meaningless buzzwords aren’t likely to sway savvy consumers who have been relentlessly courted with promises of “free,” “best,” “green,” “exclusive” and the … Read More

When upselling backfires (No, I do NOT want fries with that!)

February 24, 2011By Peri

One of the cashiers at my local cafe is the world’s most annoying upseller. She’s friendly, she’s competent, she’s efficient and fast — but I hate when I get her at the counter because I know she’s going to try to push stuff on me. “Are you sure you don’t want a pastry with that, … Read More

Play to your core audience, not to the back of the room

February 19, 2011By Peri

So the other night, Turtle and I went to see some awesome local musicians whom we just adore. We even got a sitter for the occasion so we both could go (these days it’s usually just one of us, while the other stays home with the kids). The bands were playing at a little restaurant/bar … Read More

What are your favorite local businesses?

January 29, 2011By Peri

Another year…another book! As January winds to a close I’m already facing some deadlines for a new Nolo book I’m working on (!) which will focus on how small- to medium-sized local businesses can build a strong brand. I want to write this book because I think far too much information that’s out there about … Read More

The holidaze are upon us

December 20, 2010By Peri

As with so much in my life these days, I am certain that scaling back expectations will be key to really enjoying these holidaze. It’s T minus 5 days to Christmas, my holiday to-do lists runneth over, and my elves bailed out on me at the last minute (so unreliable, those elves). We’re definitely not … Read More

Following and breaking my own advice

November 15, 2010By Peri

I’ve written and said it before: I think one of the keys to success and happiness (whether self-employed or working a job) is to ride the waves of inspiration and energy when they come, and not to sweat it when they don’t. So that’s what I’ve been up to this past couple months: not sweating … Read More

Adventures in Incongruity: Meatloaf Sushi

October 8, 2010By Peri

My contribution to the genre? Meatloaf sushi. I first created this about 10 years ago and have been meaning to post a how-to for ages. So here you go; photos and instructions after the jump. You’re very welcome.