10 years of working for…ME!

October 5, 2011By Peri

Ten years ago today I parted ways with the last job I’ve ever held as an employee. Since then I’ve juggled a crazy mix of clients and projects (a mix that happily has grown much more focused over the years); written three books; got married to my best friend; had two insanely awesome kids; escaped … Read More

Video chat: Bookkeeping, business systems and technology

September 30, 2011By Peri

My mind has been working overtime lately on the difficulties many entrepreneurs have with using various types of technology in their businesses, from implementing (and using) bookkeeping software to figuring out what types of databases or other applications to use such as project management software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, or point of sale (POS) … Read More

My snap strategy for the dying USPS: Price paper mail way high

September 4, 2011By Peri

OK, I haven’t actually run any actual numbers on this. But in reading (again) about the imminent demise of the US Postal Service, I had some thoughts on how this quasi-public business maybe could work: First and foremost, totally jack up the price for sending paper mail — to, say, $1.25 per standard item and up. Hell, why not $2?

New Huff Po piece: Systematize one process at a time

June 21, 2011By Peri

Work and family have eclipsed blogging (again). But I do have a new piece up on the Huffington Post about getting over your fear and loathing of building simple business systems. Here’s an excerpt: It can seem like such an insurmountable burden to develop business systems, operational policies and procedures — including finalizing them in … Read More

The quest for technology that works (for me)

April 13, 2011By Peri

As of late I’ve been pretty deep in a geekified wormhole evaluating various solutions and applications for streamlining my life and business organization. In a nutshell, I’m outgrowing my fairly basic systems of to-do lists, calendars, etc. which are spread across various Excel sheets, spiral-bound notebooks and emails to myself. It’s worked for me for … Read More

Fun with visualizations

April 11, 2011By Peri

There are so many of these visualization apps these days I can’t really keep up. But I stumbled across Wordle today and came up with the following visual for the words used at this very blog: Cool!

An elephant of a viral PR problem for GoDaddy

April 4, 2011By Peri

Late last week I saw a post on Facebook about a video circulating online of GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons shooting and killing an elephant in Africa. I didn’t want to watch the video which was described as graphic and disturbing, so I did a quick Google search and found enough articles about it to know … Read More

How has small business changed in 40 years?

March 31, 2011By Peri

In honor of its 40th anniversary (“Demystifying the law since 1971”), Nolo is featuring a series of blog posts on how various areas of the law and business have changed in 40 years. My post went up last week; an excerpt and link to the full post is below. Note: If you’re thinking about becoming … Read More

Free spirits shouldn’t fear a little structure

March 21, 2011By Peri

Lots of new entrepreneurs that I meet struggle with establishing structure — both in their businesses and in their day-to-day life. Their businesses are often run without many or any clearly established processes or systems, so in many ways the business is run from the owner’s head, so to speak. If someone (including the business … Read More