Roping the kids into a meditation practice

March 27, 2012By Peri

Tomorrow I’m doing a little presentation to my daughter’s preschool class on meditation. Last year I cobbled together a draft plan and put out some feelers to get some sort of family meditation drop-in thing going at the school (actually, more likely over at The Harwood next to the school) but it never really took … Read More

Without open communication, everyone loses

March 26, 2012By Peri

I’m an optimist. I see opportunities everywhere and my natural inclination is towards a vision where everyone benefits. When I see a beautiful under-used performance space, I immediately start thinking of community events that could happen there, and the income and building improvements that would then become possible for the property owner. When I have … Read More

Health coverage: The thorn in the side of the self-employed

March 9, 2012By Peri

Probably my least favorite part of being self-employed is being responsible for paying for and dealing with health coverage for myself and my family. (My husband is self-employed too, so we have no employer-sponsored coverage options.) I recently had to deal with the major hassle of picking a new plan because our existing plan was … Read More

Retiring outdated business wisdom

December 7, 2011By Peri

I’m working on a questionnaire for a local business publication, and one of the questions is what “commonly accepted business wisdom” do I think it’s time to retire. Here’s a draft of my response, which I’m still tinkering with: Contrary to common opinion, starting a business does not have to be risky, it does not … Read More

10 years of working for…ME!

October 5, 2011By Peri

Ten years ago today I parted ways with the last job I’ve ever held as an employee. Since then I’ve juggled a crazy mix of clients and projects (a mix that happily has grown much more focused over the years); written three books; got married to my best friend; had two insanely awesome kids; escaped … Read More