Getting my blogging toes wet

April 17, 2012By Peri

Based on my extremely limited experience, here’s a summary of the thoughts and ideas on blogging I shared with my friend yesterday.

Letting go is the hardest thing

April 16, 2012By Peri

We had a stressful weekend of financial wrangling. We owe a bunch of taxes this year, mostly because I wasn’t on the ball with projecting our income over the year and should have upped the estimated taxes we were paying. There was a surge in income at the end of the year which was great, … Read More

Do you need a little space?

April 10, 2012By Peri

If you’re outgrowing a home office and don’t have huge space needs, there are all sorts of spaces and shared arrangements to consider.

Child Care Expenses: Deductible?

April 9, 2012By Peri

Costs of day care are not considered “ordinary and necessary” expenses of running a business and are thus not deductible business expenses.